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    Your vision is your most precious sense, so deciding who you want to look after it is a big decision. You want an optometry practice where you’re valued as an individual not a number; you want to find a team of optical experts who are dedicated to the care you receive; and most importantly you want a thorough and beneficial service that leaves you questioning no aspect of your vision. At Alton Eye Care we can guarantee you each of these things.

    It’s important that you trust your optician; they’re caring for your most used organs after all. At our practice we can guarantee that you will only ever see a fully qualified optometrist who will conduct an in-depth eye examination using the most up to date methods and technology available.

    Optician or optometrist consulting a customer about eyeglasses

    At Alton Eye Care we pride ourselves on the fantastic relationships we have with every one of our existing patients. By getting to know everyone personally, we are able to tailor every single eye examination we carry out to meet the needs of the person receiving it.

    When you bring your little one to Alton Eye Care you can rest assured that their sight is in the very best hands. Our team is made up of friendly and approachable staff who each have a wealth of experience when it comes to working with youngsters.

    The first thing your child can look forward to when they visit us is the play area in our waiting room. However, the real fun begins when they get into the consultation room. We use specially adapted equipment and interactive testing methods to provide your little one with a fun, as well as beneficial experience. And if they need eyewear once their examination is complete, we have a fantastic range of free frames available courtesy of the NHS.

    For your convenience we are open later on Wednesday evenings and every other Friday. We appreciate that you may be reluctant to take time out of work to see us, or have your child miss school for the same reason. Because your regular eye examination is so important, we have created these appointments to cater to your busy schedule.

    Did you know that you may be entitled to have your eyes tested free of charge? For example, if you are over the age of 60, a student, or cannot attend an optometry practice unaided, you meet NHS regulations to have a free eye examination.

    If you are missing eye examinations because you cannot get to them, you no longer need to worry. At Alton Eye Care we offer a home visiting service for those who have mobility problems, learning difficulties, or simply cannot make it to us unattended. We will send you one of our fully qualified opticians who will conduct the same quality eye test you would expect to receive in a practice.

    Our opticians take particular interest in a number of areas including:

    • 3D imaging for tailor made varifocal lenses
    • Dry eye treatment
    • Varifocal prescriptions
    • Glaucoma testing

    If you have any old spectacles lying around at home why not donate them to a fantastic cause? At Alton Eye Care we work closely alongside a local charity that sends unwanted glasses to Africa to provide correction for children with vision problems. If you would like to donate any unused eyewear simply drop it in at our practice.

    There is full wheelchair access to our practice.

    If you would like to have a tailored eye exam in a comfortable yet professional practice, call Alton Eye Care on 01420 542363..

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